Meet the Staff


Our front desk and administrative staff will help you the minute you walk into our office. If you have scheduling  and appointment questions, payments, insurance, or other concerns, they are always available and happy to answer any questions you may have.

Dental Hygiene

Our energetic and talented group of Registered Dental Hygienists (RDH) welcome you into our practice with thorough dental cleanings and facilitation of new patient exams in conjunction with one of our doctors. New x-rays, prophylaxis cleanings, and ‘deep cleanings’ known as scaling and root planing are all done by our hygienists who make your visit enjoyable and comfortable.

Dental Assistants

Our dedicated and knowledgeable group of Registered Dental Assistants (RDA) assist the doctors in a variety of dental procedures. Whether you are in need of a filling, an extraction, a new prosthetic appliance, or anything in between, our dental assistants help you feel comfortable, answer questions, and help schedule you for any follow-up appointments that are needed.